Your ship's agent in Rijeka, Croatia.

The Company was founded in 2001.
Our aim is to offer agency services to our clients.
However we can also assist clients in selecting the ship crew.
Rest assured that our knowledge and experience will be used
at all times to find the best solution at the most realistic price.
Riva 4/I, HR-51000 Rijeka, Croatia · P.O. Box 172
Phone: +385.51.376.001
Fax: +385.51.376.005
E-mail: contact@cbmaritime.hr

Quality policy
CB Maritime is committed to meeting quality requirements of all interested parties and will conduct its business affairs in a safe, efficient, reputable manner in the best interest of its clients, the office staff and the environment. CB Maritime has determined external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose and its strategic direction and that affects its ability to achieve better results of its quality management issues. CB Maritime shall ensure that the quality policy includes a commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve effectiveness of the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. It is a requirement that this Quality Policy is recognized at all levels within the Company and that the office staff implement the requirements of the Quality System within their areas of work.

Policy on Recruitment, Selection and Appointment of Seafarers
The company recognizes and endorses the requirements of STCW 95 convention (as amended) and MLC 2006 and considers that these requirements are the minimum for all seafarers appointed to manage vessels. Our seafarers are to be:
  • competent – capable of doing their job,
  • motivated – wanting to do their job,
  • trained – taught how to do their job,
  • aware of their safety and environmental responsibilities.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy
The policy is that all activities will be taken for the need to protect the health and safety of the Company’s employees and other involved persons and conserve the environment. The aim is to eliminate work–related injuries and illnesses, and to achieve high standards of environmental protection.

Agency policy
The company will process all activities as agent in accordance with National and International rules. The requirements of Association of Ship Brokers and Agents of Croatia will be endorsed. Our service as agent is to be good, fast and professional at a cost that our client will pay.

The duties of the Agent are:
  • to act as a diligent and conscientious business man;
  • to act within the limits of the authorization;
  • to take steps to execute the orders;
  • to inform the client on the execution of the orders;
  • to present statements of accounts to the client;
  • to disclose that he is acting as an agent;
  • to keep the professional secrets.

ISO 9001 2008 Certificate

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